Free ManOWar T Shirt (this is not spam certified by AIGS)

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Free ManOWar T Shirt (this is not spam certified by AIGS)




I just found out today that the official concert shirt for this year's tour can be had for free. The only catch is that you have to attend a show that is far from where you live. Those who are planning on seeing them get the shirt for free if you travel to see them.


Here is how the deal works:


Don't click on the link in any of the blogs that mention the matter. The link does not go anywhere, you will get a 404 error.


Do go to the band's website @


Click on the merchandise link and then click on the link in there. It says that it is for but that is the bad link. You have to click the actual link to get to the band's web store. You can also try the actual web store but I don't know if you can get the offer as the link changes once you hit the redirect. For reference:


In any case, do a search for the word “free”. On page two of the results, you will find specific items that are a free T Shirt for the venue you are going to. Once you pick the one and select your size, you will get a code to paste in to the web form where you place your order.


You need an account to make the order but you can make the account after you have dropped the item into your shopping cart (that is how I did it). You have to provide your billing address when doing so but since you are not paying for stuff, that is all you provide. You will not be given a chance to provide billing information or a shipping address as you have to actually attend the show to get the shirt. I suppose that if you want to buy other stuff from them, you will eventually have to do that but let's just get the shirt for now.


When you are done, you will get email with the order number. Print that out and bring it to the concert. You also need to bring ID but really, who would travel hundreds of miles away without that?


Also, for anyone going to the show at Worcester MA next month, let's party. Show early and drop by the Irish bar diagonally across the street from the venue. Look for bald dudes.  The 47 year old guy will be me.

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Heh, never heard of them.

Heh, never heard of them.  Sounds nice though from what I just watched on youtube...has that heavy metal viking thing going without too much shrill screaming.  I dig it.


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