Class Warfare, By Brian37

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Class Warfare, By Brian37

Class Warfare, By Brian37

It must be
This way
Or that
Which never is

Stalin's rise
Was lack of food
The Soviets fell
For the same reason

Our Declaration
For the same reason
Monopolies of power
Speak of absolutes

Of your mansion
I do not object
Yet of your power
With no check or balance

Mubarak is not poor
Neither was Stalin
Our the oil rich
Saudi Royal Family

Yet in the states
The workers fail
To stand up
To collective power

They to want
Or fame or fortune
And that's ok

It is not
Either or
Advise and consent
Must be the norm

The boogie man
Wears not
A suit
Or dwells in squalor

The boogie man
Is our fear
That outsiders
Must be defeated

Three classes
Are much needed
So the free market
Cannot be rigged

It cannot
Favor those who have
It cannot be
Money equals power

We cannot
Make all the same
Deny property rights
To those who want

So the real issue
To avoid conflict
Is to gut the labels
Us vs them

It's ok to be rich
But with it build
And cherish
Your workers

Bargain with
Don't dictate
Don't assume
They must follow your script

What works for one
Is not the same
But happiness
All wish to obtain

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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