Glen Beck's Califake, By Brian37

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Glen Beck's Califake, By Brian37

Glen Beck's Califake, By Brian37

"I stick my flag
In this soil"
Said the great
Self anointed one

"The British are coming"
He claims to shout
What he really sells
"The sky is falling"

Cheerfully with glee
And shouts of WMD
He backed Bush
In the debacle of Iraq

And with no weapons
Coptics And Muslims
Hand in hand, with no weapons
Shout freedom's demands

What he cant stand
What he wont face
That more and more
Care not of labels

Is this just acting
To sell ad time for Fox
Or does he believe
This Califate so false

He sells the same fear
That some Muslims do
To lose the drivers seat
Means we're all though

This alpha male
The battle of fictional
Sky daddies

This little chicken
Cannot stand
That his god
Is one of many claimed

Could it be
E Pluribus Unum
Is what they seek
And not religious monopolies

Is your dream to
To spread Jesus
Around the world

You just cant stand
There are other ways
Than seating others
At the back of the bus

The days of monopolies
Will come to an end
Where sell of fear
Will not make gains

Not yours, not theirs
Humanity can
Get along
Without "sticking flags"

The world is my home
And of others too
Condemning peaceful protest
Is absurd

You just cant stand
That others exist
And sharing is fine
No human is second class

There will be no
World dominance
By Muslims or Christians
On this small planet

Your fear is old
A tired game
You're a petty man
Who cries in vein

The world revolves
Around one god not
To fight over such
Brings needless horror

Your delusions
Of Muslim world rule
No different than
The world will end

The world will end
If with blacks we share
If gays have rights
If you monopoly dies

Our eyes are open
There are no shadows
Your shouting "boo"
No longer works

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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