These are the days of Gods finished mystery Rev:10:7 Has science and theology Noticed?? [trollville]

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These are the days of Gods finished mystery Rev:10:7 Has science and theology Noticed?? [trollville]


BELOW "i" have pasted proofs of Gods wide open awaking taking place that many due to Atheism and due to Evangelism are sleeping through the day of Epic destiny!  There are URLS that show many undeniable evidences of Him now preparing earth for His return to live among us Revelation 21:3, most not knowing or understanding that this day of Increased knowledge is the very purpose for EARTH!  MATTHEW 25:34 - 5:5 has begun...much respect much word can be found and e-mail addresses as contact page on the website now given are for your/our Gathering of the 144,000 and more inheritors of this promised land called EARTH!  Http:// ....  me being the smallone sent John 13:20 "i" am giving you much information for your RATIONAL RESPONSE

Much respect to all of Gods seed/Book of Life....{{there is more proof posted in the atheist vs theist forum and in Science forum}}


""IFO"" {{ Identified Flying object }} / UFO / THE LIFE AND RESURRECTION MADE A SHOWING FOR ""WHO"" OVER THE DOME OF THE ROCK IN JERUSALEM??? {{ He appeared also over Utah, and Mexico }} -- Been very busy preparing the fall of the 700 Company / pat robertson for the LORD -- RECORD Cold Front Hit the eastern United States -- Yellowstone Super Volcano/lake of Fire making the land/earth rise in Yellowstone as prophesy , Proof of Prophecy below - Rev:21:4 the end of death and sickness has arrived as prophesy long ago by the Holyone; Who has swallowed up death in Victory Isaiah 25:8 -- ""I"" AM SENT jOHN 13:20 to sound and call out for the Gathering of Science and Theology for this Epic day in which Life over takes sickness, aging, and premature death....IT HAS BEGUN...

 a jerHEAR ME O'ADAM; HEAR ME O'EVE{{ The Holyone over The Temple mount, link to the Video posted within the Sounding letter below: it has begun }} {{ How beautiful is it, that our Lord had me Identify Him before He made Hisself known for the Answers to my QUESTIONS}}   AS you know, the 1000's "i" sound and call out to around earth!  This is the Epic generation of those who now soon inherit earth, and receive Life abundant John10:10 as prophesy by the Holyone Long Ago!  At the end of January the 28th day of to be precise, the Lord sent His Angels to bring a Sign unto who over the Temple mount???  Was it for the muslim???  Was it for the jew???  Was it for the Christones whom "i" gather???  The Lord also made an appearance over Utah on the very same NIGHT??  Even in Mexico has the Lord came for WHO???   ""me"" the smallone, as you know just weeks back "i" brought to your attention videos of our LORD BACK IN 2004 coming due to the need of this small prophet! {{and again below this weeks sounding letter "i" have attached/pasted the letter in question, with the URL'S for viewing our Mighty Gods Holy Spirits, that "i" sent just days back before He made His Mighty Showing unto US}} Some men who thought they controlled part of earth even America had stood in my way {{in 2004}}  while "i" was fighting satan spiritually and calling out to the elect of earth, whom have since failed miserably Matthew 22:1-15 those who all see as bidden for Gods wedding day here in this generation have exposed why the Lord made sure Matthew wrote of the wedding and those called who can nolonger be part of that wedding, due to them serving satan/lucifer/ashtaroth/death! Yes they stood in my way, and found out God is not with them, but with me, His smallest prophet!   Now the Lord has me out on the Highways and byways of the nations of His book of Life calling and gathering those righteous harlots and publicans and Theologists and scientists with much of the same spirit! Matthew 21:31 where our Lord declared the publicans/harlots/lost near atheism scientists and theologists are to be called and gathered this epic day!  Yes, strange but true, many theologists of this day spend much of their time refuting the bible instead of verifying it!  Very sad to watch men and even women blessed by Gods word, them studying Gods blessed History of our People, to use that knowledge to spend their day rebuking the Word that has made them who they are!  So why has God went to the Temple mount, and to Utah, and to Mexico for this small spirit who LOVES HIM!   "i" have been in the midst so many things such as preparing the fall of pat robertson, and also during that same peroid, "i" have been having disputes with Atheists, and muslims, and even satanists!  Some by way of blogs which have contacted me, and others by Video conferences, and others by mail!   These Urls proof of again what "i" told you just weeks back, as shown again in the pasted letter of sounding sent then and again now this day for our Gathering.....{{  {{but not us, only a few of those "i" gather are scratching their heads, yet "i" identified the Lord weeks back for them/Us all}}   and Utah sightings  and }}   SO WHAT question did the Lord answer for me When He appeared over the Mount in Israel??? "i" asked the Lord should "i" contact and continue trying to awake some of these strange muslim souls that contact me each week???  You seen His answer!  As years back when "i' asked the LORD SHOULD "I" Stay contacting people in Peru???  His answer swift and powerful, He cast a millstone to Peru answering my question/Meteor to Peru!  So as stated "i" was contacted by one what would seem to be innocent blog/answers forum. YAHOO answers sent me what turned out to be an invitation to join them by sending me a copy of a question about one man saying why do white people think they are of Gods book!  Well as you know "i" have given many proofs as archeology has now in many digs in this epic generation have found evidences that the so called European was first in Jerusalem as paintings and morals and icons being dug up have proven that David was not the only red haired/blond haired man in the bible, as Jesus Himself!  So when "i" went to this blog site of yahoo answers, "i" was in shock!  Muslims and wiccans and satanists all poisoning our childrens minds which visit the site on a daily basis!  {{ praise God there are many christian women and men whom God loves there trying to with stand them, but now the smallone has arrived therein!  From kids saying the want to kill themselves to muslims saying join islam Jesus a liar, or saying do these muslims that they are atheists or hate America, and this taking place on a answers forum brought forth by the American internet, helping muslim's pollute the minds and souls of our Nations, Those nations of Gods book of Life as shown on Gods website... http://www.adamandeveseedgatheringministry  }} So as "i" began rebuking the muslims answers with righteous truth of God, and answering their questions, they began contacting me personally, due to me giving them my website URL to examine truth!  "me" on the about page not having a cartoon of muhammad, "i" have actual images of the unclean spirit which came unto muhammad which they call allah!  "i" had already been having a long running debate with muslims on a international video chatroom where "i" was invited to attend a debate and they ever since have been lost and trying to with hold themselves as being of true, yet cannot refute visual evidence as well as historical data now being found by Archeology!    Below as above partial texts taken from much longer and more direct soundings for God sent out around has begun  SCIENTIFIC ATHEISTS HAVE BEEN CALLED BY ""me"" again, Men and Women of Biology -- The Lord has given "me" a strange Answer, after four months of PRAYER AND FASTING -- Australias Floods the Worst in the Nations History, why is the Lord bringing such powerful signs to the Aussies, AND WHAT DOES ATHEISM HAVE TO DO WITH IT?? -- EARTHQUAKES ABOUND, Two powerful Quakes too south America none harmed showing His Love for His Red Clay People -- Earthquakes to ENGLAND AND INDIANA AND OKLAHOMA TO THOSE "i" gather there -- The End of Aging and death is at hand, with more past proof below of "my" calling/sounding for God for the gathering of science and theology!
  j"HEAR ME O'ADAM, HEAR ME O'EVE"{{THE Caucasian God of the earths Red Clay People unmarred by satan! {{Ezra:9:1-2}} He the Great Physician who taught the Red man of His Return in this DAY!  And His now 2 earthquakes to south America both 7.0 on richter were of Mercy with more powerful quakes to now come across earth}} 
  below URLS of films of our Lords Holyones back in 2004 and other sitings for this my mission for your waking and gathering...Matthew 22:1-15 .........  "i" was also contacting many in Mexico and South America at the Time, and the Lord made His appearance before Earth, for this small prophet who calls/sounds out to you... go to  {{for proof of what you are seeing in these sites given go to Exodus 13:21 and Exodus 8:22}} and also to  and to  the last three are just many examples of Gods Holy Spirits/ Angels at work doing what, burning souls in His lakes of Fire/Volcanoes, and proof of His Angels preparing earth for its now Destiny!  As stated the first url is very special "i" literally prophesy their showing themselves after inviting pat and other evil men into a filed of waking...


I am sent by God, the Scientific soul His Son JESUS to awake those on the highways and byways who have been lost due to the many infected souls controlling Gods Word here on earth! It has begun..

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Welcome to the forum.You're

Welcome to the forum.

You're a troll.


Our revels now are ended. These our actors, | As I foretold you, were all spirits, and | Are melted into air, into thin air; | And, like the baseless fabric of this vision, | The cloud-capped towers, the gorgeous palaces, | The solemn temples, the great globe itself, - Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve, | And, like this insubstantial pageant faded, | Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff | As dreams are made on, and our little life | Is rounded with a sleep. - Shakespeare

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                Do you have anything to say above a cut and paste; I might be interested in that.                               Are you one of those that expect the world to end on May 21, this year or is September 9, 2012 when we shuffle off this mortal coil.                You will find like so much easier when you  give up believing in all  that crap. Join us in a world of sanity.


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Jeffrick wrote:

                Do you have anything to say above a cut and paste; I might be interested in that.                               Are you one of those that expect the world to end on May 21, this year or is September 9, 2012 when we shuffle off this mortal coil.                You will find like so much easier when you  give up believing in all  that crap. Join us in a world of sanity.



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