Genocide, By Brian37

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Genocide, By Brian37

Genocide, By Brian37


The child cries

The child screams

The child dreams

The child has weapons


The sense of fair

Tossed aside

In the sandbox

Of selfish desires


Daddy promised me

This fictional utopia

I must defend his honor

To get my future reward


What ever it takes

Whom ever I kill

Is the blood

That must be shed


For it is mine

I am the chosen

I am special

In this 7 billion


I am the elite

I have the right

My book tells me

To continue to fight


I am the child

In the sandbox

Justifying horrors

At the expense of others


The final act

An orgy of violence

Daddy loves me best

Torture to the rest


Revenge is not corrective

Merely reflective

Of insecurity

And jealousy


The scorched earth

Is all you want

A fictional nipple

At the expense of the species


As long as you get

What you want

Who cares that genocide

Is the cost



"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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