Real Racism with Bill Maher

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To be honest

To be honest, I agree.

There are certain points that you have mentioned that I have thought about myself.

Like you, I happen to like Bill Maher's program. He and I certainly agree on religion and a number of other things.

But as much as I dislike the ridiculous attitudes of the right wing christian coalition type people. I do see quite a bit of activity on the left side of the spectrum that I find just as irritating and irrational.

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I used to subscribe to the

I used to subscribe to the podcast edition of 'Real Time', and did enjoy much of his commentary, but I have encountered enough examples of his inconsistency or support for some crazy views, such as on medicine, that I lost regard for him enough to not bother any more.

I think I felt that I couldn't quite trust his comments or judgements, in view of some of the beliefs or attitudes he apparently holds on a number of issues.

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He used to be

He used to be libertarian/independent. But then he got caught up in the 'politically correct' views of Hollywood. Ones political views become aligned with what makes one popular.

One time his stated that he believes global warming is a threat to his personal survival. As if the ocean levels will rise so rapidly he will drown. I'm sorry but if you're a late mid-aged man with money, a disease like a heart attack or cancer is likely going to kill you, not global warming.

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