Accused of negitivity when accepting reality.

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Accused of negitivity when accepting reality.

Every so often in life, running into various people when I express my opinion on something I get, "You are so negative".


A long time ago, my x-landord's wife, asked me to use stain polish past to refinish her antique. I said it wouldn't be wise considering I had never used a paste before and just the "spray" and rag. I had no experience with it. I warned her that if I made the attempt she couldn't blame me for the outcome.

I followed the instructions, and went to buff it, and of course, it came out patchy and she probably had to take it to a professional to fix what I had done.

WHAT is it with people when you tell them you cant do something? It doesn't always mean that you are putting yourself down.

EVEN in the NFL when a player realizes that they are being benched for the better good, they are not putting themselves down.

You can even take this as far as food. How many times has someone here said, "I don't like this food, or that food". Then some idiot comes along and says, "You haven't tried it this way"

Risk taking is ONE aspect of life, but without reason to pull back, we would all take needless risk.

And even today, my boss has asked me to do things I know would be better suited for other people. I already work circles around everyone else and I am even damned sure he could not put up with doing my position as long as I have.

Why cant people see that when you let people do what they are good at and dont try to "mentor" them, they will florish in their productivity.

If I owned a business, and I had someone at the bottom who loved what they did and didn't want to change what they do, that is someone I don't have to worry about replacing. That is someone who is happy. Happy people are more productive.

When you insist on ANY part of life being a script, you are doing nothing but projecting your desires on others.

This is the same mentality I get from my fellow Redskins fans when I tell them "I'll see it when I believe it"


It is one thing to take oneself outside their comfort zone. It is another to ignore someone telling you to wear your safety belt.

If I have to give up work to someone I know is capable of it and will do a better job, why the fuck would I take it? The priority isn't my ego, it is getting the job done right.

Think about what was wasted by the Jets and the Vikings by taking Bret. He had a great career, and at that point, he would have been best as an adviser.

"You never know what you can do until you try" DUH AND THANKS, but don't always assume the person who says "no thanks" is being pessimistic.

We are all good at something and we should all do the best at what we do. But we should not project ourselves on each other because what works for one person may not work for another.




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