"The born-again Scientist"

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"The born-again Scientist"

     Did anyone here read Chris Mooney's article in the Playboy-forum, about spirituality. I once thought that Chris Mooney was a good writer,but by putting Darwin,Einstein into the same camp as believers really ticked me off. Please read and let me know what you think !  scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2011/01/awe_religion.php

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"Born again scientist" is an

"Born again scientist" is an oxymoron!! And if that guy thinks any of the bible is true then he is NOT a real scientist!

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A desperate Christian seeing

A desperate Christian seeing that his empire loses tries to put his label on everything. This article still seems very subtle, what I find much more outrageous is another website mentioned there.


Environmentalism has become a new religion. (Translation: People leave us for something that is not a religion, so we have to get it back on our familiar field.)
Environmentalism policies are devastating to the world's poor. (Translation: "The poor will be always with us", Jesus said, environmentalists take them away!)
Environmentalism threatens the sanctity of life. (Translation: Lives of fat cells on Christian asses are sacred. )
Environmentalism is targeting our youth. (Translation: Just like us, beware of the competition, it could actually do them some good!)
Environmentalism vision is global. (Translation: Ours is too, a global Christian supremacy! Who needs nature, God made it in a day and will do it again for us if we win.)

Further arguments include OOOH ECONOMIC REGULATION, and AAAH REGULATING POPULATION. I think Christians should mandatorily take an all-day long walk on the biggest american dump yards to see what their economy is about. And then they should take a flight to Norway shores and cliffs and see how several lemmings multiplies into a million of lemmings and then they all jump into the sea in their own version of Rapture. 

What a heap of dweebs

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I heard Mooney among a panel

I heard Mooney among a panel on a podcast discussing religion

Here is a link to the debate between Mooney and PZ on Point of Inquiry, moderated by Jennifer Michael Hecht:


I remember hearing what was probably a debate referred to as having been the day before, with Victor Stenger and Eugenie Scott, when Mooney got upset at others equating religious belief with a 'mind virus' as first suggested by Dawkins.

Every time I have heard PZ, I am very impressed, he is intelligent and reasonable, informed, and quite firm at pointing out the nonsense in religion.

Mooney is often quite good on many sceptic issues, but he really is too soft on religion. Hecht is just confused.

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