Ockham's Razor, By Brian37

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Ockham's Razor, By Brian37

(FYI, I looked up the spelling and it seems to vary so if anyone knows the original).

Ockham's Razor, By Brian37


Utterances abound

Nothing profound

Imaginations compete

Through marketing


The mechanic does not

Dismantle the car

As a default

If it does not start


An atom is simple

Builds to the complex

Not the reverse

As believers suggest


A "who" is not needed

For all of this

Much less one

Rooted in myth


100 grand

In years it takes

For a ray of light

To travel the galaxy


How petty the stories

How mundane we are

As a species

To fill in the gaps with absurdities


The believer accepts

All others wrong

Refusing to question

Claims of their own


Between postulations

Of the two

Of existence or imaginaton

Which one is true?


A magical brain

With no location

No material

With super powers


No neurons

No cerebellum

Who fancied

Our violent universe?


Or could it be

Our mundane wishes

Of super heros

To come and save us?


Between the two

What makes more sense

A self centered deity

Or self serving humans


Thoughts require

A material process

Much like running

Requires legs



Is not a thing

But the description

Of physical action


Ockham's Razor dispels all myth

By rightfully defaulting to the simplest choice

A comic book hero

Vs human's wishful thinking?







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