Hi Folks,

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Hi Folks,

Hi Folks and Happy New year!


     I'm here to post a few things and hopefully add some attention to a growing project I'm working on, that I will share in another post. I'm originally from the deep south Bible Belt, just relocated to Canada last year (I've found the more secular atmosphere here to be quite refreshing, I haven't seen one billboard or bumper sticker asking me where I will spend eternity). My parents were host/performers on their gospel music variety TV show that aired in Charleston, SC with performances running all up and down the eastern seaboard from the late 40's on into the 90's. I grew up in the heart of the Bible Belt during it's heyday so I think my perspective offers a bit of uniqueness to it.


  Happy New Year folks and I look forward to posting and replying.


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From jeffRICK to hamRICK.



                     I grew up in the states as well [Maine]  now I live near Toronto, [Mississauga]  30+ years already. Welcome and what part of easy going Canada do you reside in? We have meny Canadians and meny bible belters on site. Speak up and write often please.

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Welcome aboard

Welcome aboard and glad to have you.

I currently live in the Deep South Bible Belt (surprisingly enough, quite a few of us on here do) and we can only imagine the joys of living in a more secular environment. Hehe.

Hope to hear more from you.

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Everything makes more sense now that I've stopped believing.

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Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum.

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Hey, and welcome to the

Hey, and welcome to the forum! I live in the Dutch Bible belt, but that doesn't say a lot any more; only half the people in my town still go to church.

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G'day, and welcome!I'm from

G'day, and welcome!

I'm from part of Australia which once was considered as close as we had to a Bible Belt, southern Queensland.

We had a long-serving State Premier (somewhat analogous to your governor) who was a somewhat fundy Lutheran, who made us a bit of a joke in the rest of Australia.

These days, like Australia generally, we are pretty relaxed about religious issues, although we do have our fundy groups.

We do, after all have an openly atheist Prime Minister, and not the first one, either.

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Happy New Year

Hi Marty


I'm also new.  Was born in Toronto though I haven't been in Canada for 38 years. 


Suppose it makes me realise how lucky I am to be living in the UK since there are no posters saying where do you think you will spend eternity.  The last Christian poster I saw was about putting Christ back into Christmas and also that Christ was on his way (presumably delayed by traffic).