The Cross Makes Everything Alright

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The Cross Makes Everything Alright

The Cross Makes Everything Alright

Does God feel the pain of this world

The way I feel it sometimes

When I hear of the little girl

Who was raped


And murdered

By the unknown culprit?

Was that culprit on God’s team?

Is that how he got away with it?

Did God answer his prayers?

Did God make a place for him

That rapist

In heaven

After that rapist said the magic words?

After he accepted Jesus into his heart

Now I know

I know




He didn’t just hear of that little girl’s pain

He heard every second of her rape and torture

Every hour of it

Right then and there

As it took place

Of course

God must have felt something

How could he not?


Does he feel it the way that little girl felt it?

The way those altar boys felt it?

Does he have any understanding of their feelings?

How could he?

Did he get raped up on that cross of his?

That’s not the way the story goes

Does he have any mercy

For those rape victims

Who shut God out of their hearts?

Who can’t say the magic words

Who refuse to give themselves to the God who stood by

Watching them suffer

That soul tearing pain

Of being raped

Does he have any compassion for them

Or is he too just for that?

After all

God has his reasons

He’s got a big plan

They deserve to be damned

They deserve to suffer


Truth be told

If I didn’t know any better

Which I don’t

I’d say

I say

This God character

He doesn’t feel a thing