The Sanctity Of Marriage (God Hates Fags)

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The Sanctity Of Marriage (God Hates Fags)

The Sanctity Of Marriage (God Hates Fags)

“The sanctity of marriage”

“The sanctity of marriage”

You may not realize this

But it’s time to change the record

If you really cared


“The sanctity”

Of marriage

Then maybe

Just maybe

You might be more upset

About divorce

Than you are

About homosexuals

Citizens of the United States of America

Who want to have their civil unions

Recognized by their government

To have their commitment solidified

Into law

Into taxes

Into public accountability

They want to be legitimized

Within the society they belong to

You may proclaim that you care about the “sanctity” of marriage

But you really don’t give a fuck about that

You just don’t want them fags to be like you

You don’t want them to belong to your America

Your America is Christian

If it’s not Christian it’s homophobic at least

“The way it should be”

Let’s be real


And by we I mean the ignorant


Male agenda

Can jerk off to lesbian porn

But fag dicks in fag asses

Are unacceptable

To our high and mighty morality

In other words

The sanctity of marriage

The sanctity of hetero dicks in hetero pussies

Must prevail over the civil rights of homo American citizens

Otherwise there will be no one left to hate

And our bigoted society as we know it

Will go up in flames

Never mind the perversion

The adultery

The divorces of the heterosexuals

It’s those loving


Committed fags

Who threaten the sacred institution of marriage

Against those fags we will fight the good fight

The sanctity of marriage

The sanctity of marriage

The sanctity of marriage

If you’re a fag you are not welcome

You will never truly belong

The sanctity of marriage

God bless America

The sanctity of marriage