Money Well Spent

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Money Well Spent

Money Well Spent

They proudly display their giant

Poster sized photos

Of aborted fetuses

High on self righteousness

They think they’re doing their religious duty

Following the footsteps of prophets

Disturbing the public

I’m not disturbed

Perhaps one of those photos

Is of my aborted child

Which I paid half price to dispose of

Come to think of it

I don’t think my child lived long enough to look that human

He or she

Might have resembled those photos

Had we waited a few months longer

Either way

He or she

Is just as dead

But I’m not disturbed

I have no shame

No remorse

No self righteousness

My life is better off for it

So is the life

Of the mother of my aborted child

Better off

What was the cost of it all?

Not guilt

Not hell

It was 500 dollars

She paid 250

I covered the other half

It was the wisest thing we ever did together