Ode to Jean, By Brian37

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Ode to Jean, By Brian37

Ode To Jean, By Brian37


I am meticulous

In my endeavor

To convince you

Of the absurd


I can lead you

With hopes

Of prettiness

And utopias that don't exist


I am the loan shark

I am the grifter

My weapon is preying

On your credulity


All I have to do

Is to sell you

A non existent



I  wallow

In dead philosophy

Quoting the ignorance

Of antiquity


Linus's blanket

Is all I sell

Pretending it is



And what a plan

My master has

To to torture me

In convincing you



Are my ways


Is how you defend me


I cannot stand questioning

It is blasphemy

To abandon me

Would be my demise


I will follow you

Until you submit

I will crush you

If you dissent


I am the alpha

I am the male

I am your ignorance

Whom you ignore


I am Superman

I am Allah

I am Vishnu

Mental squalor


I am lazy

I want power

I want control

Over all others


I must deny

The facts at hand

To continue the fraud

That plagues man



"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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Very good! It would be a

Very good! It would be a long post but I started to post to him the lyrics to tools song opiate. I love that song cuz it's definitely my view of Christianity but it has so much more meaning since meeting Jean.

If all the Christians who have called other Christians " not really a Christian " were to vanish, there'd be no Christians left.