Another story about killer being an atheist.

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Another story about killer being an atheist.

Shit like this pisses me off. First, the alleged killer is ONE of a couple of killers who were teenagers who killed another teen. These assholes want to quote one YOUNG, obviously demented youth and try to imply because of the actions of this one person, all atheists are killers.

Atheism did not cause this kid to kill, his own mental condition did.

here is the e-mail of the editor of the paper.

[email protected]


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They both play world of

They both play world of warcraft too. That game obviously breeds these atheist scum

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Irritating stereotype

It is irritating, when the general public tries to paint a stereotypical picture of people and certain groups of people will use a few extreme and off the wall instances to justify their claim. I always use the school milk logic on that one. For instance, a large number of school children drank milk when they were in elementary school. These same children later experienced substance abuse problems when they were older. Well, that proves it right there, without exception, drinking milk in school leads to self destructive behavior and must be banned.


I have found it surprising, how many people out there, because I am an Atheist, presume that I must be depressed, miserable and extremely angry at ALL OF THE WORLD. I had someone on another forum, that I was debating once, that asked me why I did not commit suicide if I was an Atheist. That was a question that was almost too stupid to answer, but I answered it anyway. I don't want to commit suicide as an Atheist, because I love my life and have no desire to end it. Simple enough, but I don' think he got it.

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Yeah.Here's where I diverge


Here's where I diverge with the group.

Ideologies are powerful. All of them. Even the most seemingly innocuous ones carry with them the potential for extremism. Ours included. Warcraft included (LEEEROYYY JENKINS).

It's really the fundamental basis for any effort on my part to attack the base belief system of an individual to prompt them to react rationally.

When you can elicit a reaction of self-loathing for a piece of their ideology, it becomes the purview of the individual. In my opinion up to that point, it is the belief system doing the talking.

In this instance, I just want to know what level he was and is his account for sale?

Since the rest of the case is closed to the public, then we'll have to wait until he gets free or gets loose.

We still have roughly 6 more months until the girl dragged by the preacher's truck turns 18.

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