Greetings From Cleveland

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Greetings From Cleveland

Hello all. My name's Scott, and I hail from Cleveland, Ohio, in the USA. I found this site after seeing one of the Rational Response Squad debates with Kirk Cameron videos on YouTube.  I'm married, and the father of two boys: one 18 and one 13. The 18 year old I would describe as an agonostic, because he doesn't seem totally convinced of the absence of any entity that one might term a god. The 13-year-old is an outspoken atheist - at no prompting from me. For both of them, my wife and I have tried to not give them any sort of religious beliefs one way or the other, and have allowed them to chose their owns paths.


As for me, I hesitate to say I don't believe in God, because to me that implies that I acknowledge that God exists, but that I am not one of his followers. So what I usually say is that I don't believe that gods exist. So yeah, I guess you could call me an atheist. For me, not believing in gods is the same as not believing that there is a kookaburra in the room with me. I would say that it's fairly certain objectively that there are no kookaburras in the room, but if I chose to believe that there was one in the room, that wouldn't make it so. Therefore, it doesn't really matter what I believe; reality is reality.

Anyway, I hope to become an active member of this community and look forward to some lively, but civil, discussions.




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 Welcome to the forums, I

 Welcome to the forums,


I am also in Ohio and my job makes me bounce around the state. Oooooh look a kookaburra. Ah, it was just there a second ago, you missed it. 

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Everything makes more sense now that I've stopped believing.