Non-arguments against the existence of "god"

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Non-arguments against the existence of "god"

  Most of us have heard all the solid arguments, and the evidence or lack of for "god."  I just thought it would be interesting to hear the "non-arguments" against the existence of a god by non-believers.  By this I mean the things that just don't add up to you, that make no sense, but that are just personal even  sometimes silly that you wouldn't use in a formal discussion.  Think especially if you were a child raised with religion, the little things that just didn't make any sense to you, or silly thoughts your brain would have trying to make any sense of the bs the church was telling you. 


  Just as an example:   When I was a teen I remember thinking... 

  So god is not a material being, he doesn't need to eat, or drink, he is just an all powerful "spirit" something.  According to the bible he seems to be able to create other spiritual non-material beings like jesus, and the angels and so on.  Then he creates man in his image.  Man eats, drinks, poops, pees, farts, sweats, drools, stinks, picks his nose, and pretty much leaks from every orifice more and more every day as they age.  We are such animals.  Why did he create us like this?  It is really just our enginuity that keeps us from being so discusting (showers, toothpaste, deoderant, toilet paper, adult diapers, perfume, gum, soap etc...)  You would almost think he was playing a joke on us, when he could have just as easily designed us better. 


  Perhaps being able to feel the pleasure of food without needing it would have been a good start, solves world hunger.  The constant need to fart could have certainly been avoided as a design feature, although I admit it would be funny to see all of the world from an omniscient perspective and watch as billions of people try to hide/disguise their farts from eachother day after day, classic unintentional comedy.  I look down and see these 2 things hanging between my legs and think, there is no way this was designed by an all wise spiritual being.  These old man skinned flesh balloons  are really the postershild of ugly design, I mean god could have made balls gold, shinny like diamonds, why ugly seemingly dehidrated hairy man tonsils. 


This is some of the sillier stuff I use to and still do think about sometimes, I admit my silly thoughts. 

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Well, if god really wanted

Well, if god really wanted us to be fruitful and multiply, why did he set things up such that most of the universe is lethal to us?

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You said it all which is why

You said it all which is why you wont get any credible response from a theist.

The bottom line is that humans invent with their imagination their gods. As a concept it is absurd.

If any alleged god claimed by humans had to explain their shitty work to Donald Trump in the board room, what do you think Trump wold say?

If such a god were real in reality(which it is not) but for argument's sake, such an alleged being can only be called inept at best and a monster at worst. I lean towards monster if we are alleging the god/s of Abraham. He is a petty tyrant who beats the shit out of his toys when he cant or wont arrange them in the sand box the way he wants.

There is no need for a super hero to explain the ordinary good and bad that happen to humans. The universe does not reflect a "design", it reflects what one would expect without a cognition behind it.


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My first, 'non-arguments'

My first, 'non-arguments' were that God was a meanie because of the Hell concept.  This was while I was an early teenager.


Now I would say I'm actually able to argue based on the problem of evil, but at the time it was not very evolved.  I was still a theist.


Everything makes more sense now that I've stopped believing.