Perfect and imperfect Gods: who are the simplest?

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Perfect and imperfect Gods: who are the simplest?

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Swinburne claims that, if we were to explain Univers's beginning with an immaterial and atemporal deity,

then postulating a God having a limited mind (so limited power and limited intelligence- but which are greater than ours)

is less parcimonious than a perfectelly and infinitely intelligent and omnipotent God.

Intuitively, that would sound wrong, the more a deity is powerful the more complex He is.

But Swinburne bring a "justification" to this: he assumes that because "outside" space-time is lawless, transcendent "objects" are only bound by logic, so having therein limitations due to supernatural law and mind limitations requires more assumptions than having none of them.


Are these Swinrbunr's ideas and justifications coherent?

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As coherent as any of this

As coherent as any of this kind of navel gazing.  "Assuming unprovable assumption A is correct, that means unprovable assumption B is correct!  Yay!"


Everything makes more sense now that I've stopped believing.