Bad Universe with Phil Plait starts on TDC tonight!

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Bad Universe with Phil Plait starts on TDC tonight!



On Sunday, Aug. 29, 2010, astronomer/space blogger Phil Plait will destroy things -- with hyper-velocity bullets and high explosives -- in the name of science! 

We're talking asteroid and comet impacts, and Plait will examine how to avoid an extinction-level event on Earth in his brand new Discovery Channel show: Bad Universe. 

In this special Discovery News Wide Angle, we'll take you on a trip to where potentially hazardous space rocks live, how frequent they hit us and what can be done to safeguard the planet (but we'll leave the pyrotechnics to Phil).

More information about Bad Universe can be found at The Discovery Channel Website:

Here is a review of the first episode of Bad Universe:

Phil Plait was a guest on the Rational Response Squad (Episode 55).  His website is a highly visited spot for astronomy buffs.  He's also got a large twitter following.  

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Well, Phil is pretty much

Well, Phil is pretty much automatically cool. Based on the single clip, I get the impression that he is going to do a show similar to the myth busters.


Now, for those of us who either do not have that channel or do not have cable, let me clue you in on a site that can be used to watch TV on the internet:

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