Deadly Placebo, By Brian37

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Deadly Placebo, By Brian37

Deadly Placebo, By Brian37


The flytrap allure

The trip wire hidden

The soldier holds the baby

Soon blown to bits


The calm ocean

Calls us to swim

To be swept out to sea

Because of rip currents


The dog on the street

Wags it's tail

Then upon petting it

It's anger unleashed


The worst deception

Humans fall for

Are of chosen people

And Super heros


We make them up

And always have

Inventing ways

In order to stab


Daddy daddy

Beat them up

Give me my cookie

I've been good


This sugar pill

Is arsenic to reason

The antidote is obvious

In questioning


No more placebos

Should be given a pass

Subject them to testing

Without fear of backlash


Our homes are not caves

The earth is not flat

Invisible brains

Are toys from our past


"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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