Another Obscure Topic! (I want you to watch a bunch of rap videos).

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Another Obscure Topic! (I want you to watch a bunch of rap videos).

If you look at most of my topics you'll notice I like to get opinions on odd thing (unlimber manifesto, technocracy, etc.) Well, I'm the type of person who believes that you can learn something from everyone, and if you don't then you wasted any time listening to that individual. Also, I love music (any kind form classical to rap). My favorite rapper of all time is Tupac. This topic is far different form anything I've ever seen on here, so either no one will care about it and I'll look like a fool for posting it, or I'll gett some good feedback.


For those who aren't familiar with any of his views beyond his songs and movies, I leave a few short videos of him giving opinions (the first is a special treat to all the atheists!). So please, watch and tell me what you think about his political and religious views. I'd love to hear if anyone has anything to add/correct/input. And I feel like I have to say, I'm a white guy. Some of his stuff is racial, so I have to mention that. (1:20 is about where the real political stuff starts, but feel free to still watch it all)

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