Is late term abortion the most humane option?

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Is late term abortion the most humane option?

Is late term abortion the most humane option?


Let me frame this question, not as an abortion matter but as a sex matter. There are three types of people.


Group one has a closed zipper policy. Perhaps not for their husband or wife but generally they are at no real risk of getting AIDS.


Group two has an open zipper policy but they at least use rubbers. I can't say that there is a statistical risk for getting AIDS because each sex act is unique and must be treated as a separate thing.


Group three are the people who just do stuff and don't deal with the consequences until they happen.






Would it be reasonable to think that group three people are the ones who are primary users of abortion as birth control?


Going further, would the type of person who is against abortion in general be a member of group one and not a huge fan of group two?






Now, as far as “abortion as birth control” goes, I know members of group three who brag about how many AIDS tests they have passed. Pardon me but the only one that actually matter is the last one. Even then, if previous tests are to be considered, that tells me that you are into bare backing.


Still though, if you are a group three person and you get pregnant, would you not want to get the doctor to take care of the matter ASAP?


On the other hand, how fucked up is it to carry a baby for the better part of a year and then abort it? If you are going to carry the pregnancy that far, is it reasonable to think that you would have had the kid if some bad thing had not come up in medical testing?


Women who have had children are of special interest to my idea.

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We had this discussion

We had this discussion before.

I managed to find a website where reasons for late term abortions were analyzed - 100% were due to fatal fetal abnormalities.  That is, if brought to term, the fetus would be dead at birth or dead shortly after.

Not one late term abortion was a "choice".

Women in group one have abortions - I found and posted a website for that.

Why bother with this again?  People do stupid stuff - I have done and do stupid stuff.  Why bring this up again?

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Answers in Gene ...wrote: There are three types

     Whenever I read about abortion I think about Elvis's song " In The Ghetto",even though it don't fit any type here. Like cj wrote,late term abortion should be done only in life threatening cases.It should always be her choice,its her life to,that really matters when any discussion about her body comes up.  

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