Bonjour mon amis, I am Nikolas Reda Castelao

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Bonjour mon amis, I am Nikolas Reda Castelao

Hello, my name is Nikolas Reda-Castelao and I happened upn this sight purely on accident while looking for some arguments against free will. And I read a few of the forums and I became infatuated almost immediately. I am a high school student (going to be junior in  afew weeks, atcually) and joined to better my expand my understanding of philosophy, learn arguments against and for theism( My Debate teacher advises it's best if I can argue both sides), and meet fellow atheists ( a breath of fresh air from the constantly polluted air of my school with their constant jesus extolling). I am somewhat read on some Nietszche and have a conscious idea of other good philosophers. (This is the part where it sounds like a personal ad) I enjoy bicycling, listening to music (classic rock, glam, disco, Motown, Old School Rap), dancing, reading. I love cinema and just recently saw both Amadeus and Mystic River.  I am a proficient writerand hope to become very famous through it. I live in Frisco, Texas, yet am socialist. And.... what My parents are Argentinian. Whatever else you want to know, just ask? I can't wait to participate and learn from you guys.

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 Welcome to the forums

 Welcome to the forums Nikolas, you sound like a pretty smart kid so don't worry you will probably grow out of the socialist thing. Hope hanging around us doesn't cause your grades to fall too much. (Some teachers aren't fond of educated students) 

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Welcome, mon ami. I hope you

Welcome, mon ami. I hope you decide to stick around. There is a lot to learn about life, and this is not the worst place to learn things.

Also, I like your writing style. I think you will be a good writer.

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Pleased to meet you, Niko.


Have fun, won't you.




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Nice to see ya.




                 Welcome to the site, we have several Texans here and at least one other Argentine;  latincanuck. Have  fun and post often.

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Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum.

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Hi Nikolas! Welcome, enjoy

Hi Nikolas! Welcome, enjoy yourself Smiling

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