Can a dog receive communion ?

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Can a dog receive communion ?

     According to the Toronto Star a dog has received communion in a Toronto church.

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Well Ken, this did happen in

Well Ken, this did happen in the Anglican Church. They are a strange breed, I should know because I was one for several years.


Pretty much think of the Unitarians. They are honest about the fact that they neither know nor care what any member believes. On the other hand, the Anglicans have been splintered over petty doctrinal fights to the point where they can't even meet the standards of canon law for most of the important stuff. For the most part, any church can pretty much do as they please and the “real archbishop” in canterbury refuses to get involved to the point of actually saying what is what because no matter what he says, half the churches in North America would stop paying the church of England over whatever the question was.


Things are so bad on that front that the African churches ave been sending missionaries to North America for several years to get the gaggle of geese to mend their ways and get back to all being one church.


So if they want to confirm a dog, then I guess there is no doctrinal authority to tell them not to.

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Both of my dogs would like

Both of my dogs would like some communion, they would even do tricks for them. You better not leave a box of communion laying around at this house.

Come to think of it my rats would love some communion wafers.

Holy water, I'm sure they would lap that up as tap water.

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Of course dogs can have

Of course dogs can have communion... after all they were the ones who invented it. Did you think it was a person who first decided to take a bite out of their messiah? 


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