Free Thinking Teens

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Free Thinking Teens

I recently noticed the link to the free thinking teens forum ( from the RRS main page. Even though I will only continue being a teenager for less than a year, I was excited to to have a forum where I talked to other young people; however, I now realize that with only one post in the last week, and few posts in the last year, the forum is almost completely dead. This is not too surprising since even though I have been a lurker on the site for about 3 years and a poster for several months, I didn't notice the teen forum until yesterday. So, I am wondering, is the teen forum a project that RRS has simply abandoned? It seems like traffic to it could easily be increased if the link were moved to a more conspicuous place or if the forum were condensed and added as a new section to the main forum.



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                    I think it is just a matter of memberships there are simply not that meny teenagers on site and the few who are hang around the main forum.  For someone my age to hang around teen sites could lead to a bail hearing.    If you can get more teens to come on site and use the teen forum,  more power to you. 

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Whatthedeuce wrote:It seems

Whatthedeuce wrote:
It seems like traffic to it could easily be increased if the link were moved to a more conspicuous place or if the forum were condensed and added as a new section to the main forum.

I think having it as a new sub-forum might be the best idea. But, even then, I'm not sure we have the traffic necessary to really keep it running.

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Teen forums don't make all

Teen forums don't make all that much sense, as the membership will all quickly grow out of them and no longer be allowed to post in a community they have participated in.

It's like keeping a mayfly for a pet :P  I'm sure they're great for the 24 hours they last.  Having a seven year maximum participation span, with an even smaller average, and all mature members being booted?  I don't think it's just visibility.

A sub-forum for younger members, but not strictly limited to teens, might be a better idea (maybe just only teens can start new threads?)- it can be useful to ask us old-timers advice now and again.


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Maybe I'm grabbing at straws

Maybe I'm grabbing at straws here but I would imagine a low low ratio of free thinking teens, they probably have other things on their minds, I know I did.

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Not to mention that The

Not to mention that The media will turn it around, and claim that the Evil RRS is trying to corrupt their loving christian youth...

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That teen forum was dead two

That teen forum was dead two years ago when I had a look, so I just stayed here. Anyway, I mentioned my age here a while ago, and nobody told me to bugger off, so I don't see the need for a seperate teen forum.