Raping Children: Bad, Gender Equality: Worse

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Raping Children: Bad, Gender Equality: Worse

I really no longer have the words strong enough to express my incredible contempt for this demonic institution:


It's no longer good enough for them to allow their leaders to f*ck little kids, now they have to institutionalize their misogyny on top of it.


Just...I have no words...


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"The new rules do not, for

"The new rules do not, for example, hold bishops accountable for abuse by priests on their watch, nor do they require them to report sexual abuse to civil authorities — though less formal “guidelines” issued earlier this year encourage reporting if local law compels it."

Right. So basically, nothing really changed, except to add insult to injury once again.

Just read about yet another, recent priest kiddyfucker case. Seems that even if you get caught, and by some miracle the evidence ends up with the cops, then all you need are solid connections with a catholic ultra-conservative group like Familia spiritualis Opus, for all that evidence to simply vanish in a puff of smoke.

This is going to get a lot worse before anyone even tries to fix it.

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Religious morality in all its finery


Oddly, this comes as a surprise to me. I would not have expected this at all. Silly me.



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Trying to ordain women as

Trying to ordain women as priests is worse than raping kids. Trying to ordain women as priests is....LMAO. Hahahahahahahaha!

I find this really funny for some reason.

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Vatican-ordained Surprise:

Vatican-ordained Surprise: Women are being done a favor! (Can't they just join an abbey if they want something like that?)


edit; on a serious note -can anyone here say that they are.... shocked that such a religious institution with such a brutal, genocidal past would NOT stomp it's foot down on it's own members in one day, pedophile or otherwise?

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