Atheist Song - First hymnal for Atheists

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Atheist Song - First hymnal for Atheists

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 I thought better of Steve

 I thought better of Steve Martin before.  Stupid.  He's pointless.  He uses the notion that the majority of his public know nothing about atheism and that they don't care to verify his claims.  Atheists do have tons of songs.

And my favorite ( A MUST SEE! Smiling

(see Meaning-of-Live's grave stone there!)


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Atheist Hymnal

This is a little diddy from Steve Martin... Irreverent, funny....good stuff. Smiling

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That was great, thanks for

That was great, thanks for sharing!


Everything makes more sense now that I've stopped believing.

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ubuntuAnyone wrote: A little diddy from Steve Martin

      We really do need a song,and thanks to Steve Martin and Friends we do have one now.And it is a good song.Thanks for posting it Zeeboe.

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