"How goes?" from Southern California

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"How goes?" from Southern California

Hello fellow atheists!


Its kind of strange that I've always felt very strongly about the need for atheists to form communities for mutual support, fun, and occasional theist bashing, but have never actually myself belonged to any sort of an atheist organization.  Time to change that. 


About me:  I'm a UCLA grad and filmmaker in Southern California (which should really narrow things down) and a former collegiate debater.  While I'm not a scientist, I am passionate about science, discovery, and the separation of church and state.  I'm always eager to explore the things I believe and to evaluate new evidence- though admittedly none of the evidence seems to point to any particular reason to believe in gods of any sort, and many reasons to be very skeptical about the existence or supposed benevolence of those gods.  As a side note: I laughed for almost five solid minutes when I discovered that there was a dedicated Kent Hovind tab.   My atheist hero is Ira Glass.



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Welcome, nice avatar.

Welcome, nice avatar.

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Hi Inquistus


Pleased to meet you.

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Hey, Welcome. and G'day from

Hey, Welcome. and G'day from Australia.  I've been to California seven times, yearly from '96 to '02, primarily to attend Apple's World Wide Developer Conference in San Jose.

I have a couple of friends there.

I subscribe to Ira's podcast "This American Life", one of my favorites.


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I, too, like your avatar.  Like my avatar, I really am an old lady fart.

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                 Since you are a film maker can we expect to see some of you work on youtube?  Don't be shy about blowing your own horn after all we have a lot of members here who just blow.

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I like your avatar."Moss

I like your avatar.

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Welcome BTW

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