Big Brother wants access to your PC

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Big Brother wants access to your PC

   I just got done looking at this video and I thought that some one here might find this a little scary.

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This is the basic of the

This is the basis of the other thread about buying your music and such. 

Treaties are usually closed door.  Doesn't make it right.  And Obama may not have much choice if the other participants are adamant on secrecy.  The president is less free to do what he wants than many of us believe.

The only part I am concerned about is the possibility of confiscation at airports.  No mention was made of only keeping material that is obviously pirated.  And I don't know how corporations would handle this for their traveling employees.  Many have a policy of - if you loose it, you might have to pay out of your own pocket to replace it.  It seems to be more hassle and more cost for most businesses.  Which business is more important - software, music and videos?  Or international engineering, manufacturing, etc?

As for my personal PC, I have it locked down pretty tight.  And I don't have anything interesting on it anyway. 

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Actually, the video is

Actually, the video is highly misleading. Sure, the first several rounds of negotiations were not released. However, the documents are now being released as they get closer to having something actually worth reading. You can read the current draft here:


Of note is the conditions where your property could possibly be searched. Pretty much only by customs officials and at international ports of entry.


Honestly, customs agents can already search your gear when you come into the country. Even the ninth circuit court of appeals agrees with that. The specific case that I have in mind was a guy who went to Indonesia to get busy with child prostitutes. When he came back, the customs agents made him open his laptop only to discover that what has been seen cannot be unseen. Dude had an unencrypted folder on his desktop full of pictures of him getting some action from ten year old boys. He is in prison now.


As far as searching your computer apart from at a border crossing, yes, the government can do that as well. All they need is a reasonable suspicion that they will find evidence of a crime and a warrant can be issued. Again, people have been convicted of various crimes when investigators thought they might find, for example, records of drug deals.


In some cases, the courts have even allowed remote searches of a specific computer. If they think that you are committing a crime and they want to get you without even letting you know that you are being searched from across the state, well, it has happened and the courts have been fine with the matter.

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I had to get a new comp a

I had to get a new comp a while back and haven't downloaded a single torrent since then. Possibly because they seem to have taken down both of my fav torrent sites.

I haven't even bothered to install U-torrent. So my comp too is clean, however I still don't like the idea of someone randomly gaining access to my comp and searching it.

That's what spyware and anti-virus is for.


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