People can be very strange

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People can be very strange

   Just the other day,I was taking about 45 old National Geographic's to the Salvation Army store and the Free Library of Philadelphia (The day before I gave the Library around 100 NG's ) as I'm riding my bike to the Salvo. I see my neighbor on his porch (he used to be my mailman ) so I said to him, how are things going.This must sound to him,well-come on down,cause he got up and started to walk towards me,with his dog(he has a pure-bred husky a beautiful dog,I like dogs more than people)so,I lean down to pet the dog and all of the magazine tip over so he helps me to get them back in basket and he starts to tell me that he been praying for me,(he knows that I'm on a transplant list for a Liver) he works for some church now,and  he started to tell me about God and his plans for the ones who follow Jesus,will live in heaven etc... and then he starts to tell me about Alex Jones,(I'm thinking to my self you don't really believe any thing from Alex Jones)but he was really into A.J. and all of his DVDs,cause then he says to me wait here for a moment I'll be right back,so I wait,he comes out with this Alex Jones DVD and says to me here I got about 50 of them ( I was looking at DVD when I got home here's a few of the contents 1.America;Freedom to Fascism 2. Reflections & Warnings 3.The Obama Deception :Bonus segments etc....), ,they only cost me a little more than a dollar a piece,take a look at it,it's 7 hours of unfiltered news,and he sticks it in my basket.Now, I don't want to be rude,so I say Thank You,I gotta get going,he stops me again and starts to ask me ,if I ever saw the JFK film and what did I think of it.I'm getting a little annoyed by now.So I said to him -No I never saw the film,I think that it's a bunch of shit anyway,I don't believe that the CIA killed him or any other wild ass conspiracy,and if you would spend about a hour to check out the fact,You can see a video on you tube where JFK is giving a speech about staying in Vietnam or they would collapse and guess what day he gave that speech Nov.22,1963 at a luncheon at Fort Worth,Texas,then I said to him "don't you think that its a waste of time looking at the grassy knoll looking for a second killer,he was killed over 45 years ago and a lot of people waste their time,trying to figure out who killed JFK,O' and by the way ,he was a war monger,he invaded Cuba (Bay of Pigs),he was overthrowing governments in South America,Peru,Brazil and I'm sure there's more,he overthrew the government of South Vietnam in 1962,so that America could put in a friendly government that the U.S. could deal with,it's all a waste of time,its meant to keep people confused so they can carry out the business of Empire.   

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He also conducted chemical

He also conducted chemical weapons tests in Canada on Canadians. One assassination that was a good thing.

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Yah, and the Oliver Stone

Yah, and the Oliver Stone film really is a documentary. JFK was killed by a conspiracy of homosexuals. I thought that Stone made that quite clear.

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