Hello everybody

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Hello everybody

Hey, my name is Linda, 18 years old and I'm am from Norway (so pardon my English) I grew up in an atheist family, however I wasn't really sure why I was an atheist up until recently. I always thought believing was weird, but lately I have been digging in to atheists arguments of why it is so weird and I found myself hooked.

Next year I'm going to start having religion as a subject at school and I feel I need to be prepared and come up with good arguments for all the christian in my class (I want to have good arguments against other religions too, but there are only christian in my class (protestants).

I'm really looking forward to be a part of this group and I hope I can contribute in some way.

Love from Norway; Linda

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Welcome, Linda.I hope you

Welcome, Linda.

I hope you can find inspiration here for some good arguments to throw at them.

You might want to let us comment on the sort of arguments you are thinking of trying to use, we might have some useful suggestions for you.

What version of Christianity is mostly followed where you are?

Do they tend to believe the Bible is literally true, or more like a set of stories you are supposed to read as moral examples?

Or do they just pick and choose which parts are to be taken literally and which are not?

There are many kinds of belief, which need different kinds of arguments to have any sort of effect on them.

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Welcome Linda.



              There are other Scandinavians on this site so you should fit right in. Ask any question you want and post often.


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Welcome Linda! Jump right in

Welcome Linda! Jump right in and start posting!  Smiling

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Wecome to the site!

From another person raised in a household of atheists, yet one in the Seattle area, I bid you welcome from the Pacific Northwest!

BobSpence1 wrote:
Or do they just pick and choose which parts are to be taken literally and which are not?

Isn't that all of them?

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