Awesome Atheist Comics...

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Awesome Atheist Comics...

This Past week...two days Apart, my wife and I sat front row at "The Stress Factory" in New brunswick NJ (They Get top line stand-ups ie Chris Rock, Jim Norton, etc)... and on Wednesday we saw Doug Stanhope, and on Friday we saw Jim Jeffries...

Both of these psychopaths absolutely *KILLED*...

Comedy is a big part of our lives, and I have a lot of comics on my show (this week we'll have a roundtable with a couple of headliners)...its a relatively inexpensive and extremely fun night out...and seeing two of my top 5 comics 2 days apart was just awesome... I highly reccomend either one...


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That second guy's routine is

That second guy's routine is absolutely brilliant. It's funny cuz it's true.

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Rich Woods wrote:We saw Doug Stanhope

    Did you ever see his show on Fox-"When hidden camera's attack" he is very,very funny.I was telling my next door neighbor about him.  This is from the show  , then there's the one where he goes into a bar and ask for a shot of Tequila and he's in a Hospital gown and he just had a Liver Transplant .I'm waiting on a Liver my self,so I think it's very funny.

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