For Cpt Pineapple, and those who question the link between religion and violence

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For Cpt Pineapple, and those who question the link between religion and violence

First, watch this video: Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy: Inside a school for suicide bombers

Now, I ask you, why is the only source of information they are allowed to read the Quran? Why are the reasons for suicide bombing always explained in terms of Islam, Allah, and the afterlife?

Why aren't they saying things like, "I'm doing this because I feel a strong social bond with these people around me?" Social bonding is only a small part of the equation. Without the religious justification -- or an equivalent irrational non-religious justification -- there is no reason that social factors should translate into the *specific* behaviour of violence and suicide bombing. Social factors could instead be directed towards highly-motivated humanitarian acts. But no, they are directed into highly-motivated violence. The direction comes from the religion, the culture, the memes that are being injected in the kids' heads.

Religion happens to be the biggest source of such irrational ideas. That's why so many atheists say that there's a connection between religion and atrocity ... because there is. Beliefs influence actions. Religious beliefs influence religious actions. Social factors are insufficient to explain specifically religiously motivated actions.

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