Insecurity On High, By Brian37

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Insecurity On High, By Brian37

Insecurity On High, By Brian37


I made the firmament

Just for you

I dotted the skies

With pretty lights


I gave you the fair

To subordinate

So your clan

Could procreate


I gave you my word

To share with all

To question me

You shall fall


I cannot take

Your blasphemy

I am consumed

With jealousy


If you expose


That you make me up

And simply believe


I have nothing

I am nothing

I will die


No cartoons

No questioning

No enlightenment

It frightens me


All I have

Or will ever be

Is my omnipotent


"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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Shunning the rich while

Shunning the rich while propping up the poor
showing me the way to your fun loving door
Eating the sick and exploiting with war
Getting slap happy with sin and gamorrah
drinking cheap wine and forgiving a whore
Raking in cash and other things you consider free
The cows have come home and you start in with glee
to end my life and your own misery
Stirring up madness and strife without end
you stand on that soapbox till the podium bends
Look out the window at all of your living dead
while I stay right here in the shade knowing
 "your jesus is a poopy head."

Faith is the word but next to that snugged up closely "lie's" the want.
"By simple common sense I don't believe in god, in none."-Charlie Chaplin