Sarah Palin and the Right WIng.

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Sarah Palin and the Right WIng.

 I live in Red State. Idaho that is. A couple days ago Sarah Palin came to Boise to support Vaughn Ward, a republican politician.  The Event only drew 1000 people and thats after they gave the tickets away for free.  Only a 1000 people in a Super Red State.  BTW there was another party going on titled "I DIDN"T VOTE FOR PALIN EITHER PARTY" and had over 3000 people showed up.  I think she gives the Democratics hope.  Anyways i see the politics here changing although its still Repubs rule the roost here.

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I hear ya dude... I am of

I hear ya dude... I am of the opinion that People confuse Fox News with the Republican Party... The truth is, that she isn't a republican nearly as much as she is using the party to market her Brand Name, which is essentially "Sarah Palin Inc" ... Much like Limbaugh, she prattles on in order to create an image, and sell her product...

 She (like Fox) shills for the party, and in turn they dont denounce her beaucce of her vaulting stupidity, or her utter lack of knowledge...she uses them, and they reluctantly play nice as long as she isnt too much of a liability in the eyes of their Base... Like a symbiosis between a a Retard, and someone who needs a tax write off...

Its kind of like pro wrestling, None of it is real, yet they still manage to break a lot of bones... Its all scripted, and the alliances are tenuous at best