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Hey all. my name is frank, I'm 35 and i don't believe in dragons, the Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus (well kinda) and the rest goes without saying. i was raised roman catholic. at the age of 13 i broke the news to my family that i had NO faith in "God", and obviously still do not. cheers!

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From another adragonist/aeasterbunnyiest/asantaist, welcome to the site! I can't imaging what it was like to tell your Catholic family, as my family are about as religious as a rock so I never had to worry about "coming out" so to speak. Hope to see you in the discussions!

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                 I to was once a catholic I stopped believing around age 6 because the stories didn't make sense. I'm 54 now and the story's make less sense.

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~Welcome Frankie Zee ~

~Welcome Frankie Zee ~

Slowly building a blog at ~

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Jeffrick is HOW OLD?!?!

Jeffrick wrote:




                 I to was once a catholic I stopped believing around age 6 because the stories didn't make sense. I'm 54 now and the story's make less sense.

Age 6 is impressive...

You're older than my parents, dude!

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