Kenneth Miller on ID

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 Ken Miller rocks, it's

 Ken Miller rocks, it's ashame this thread got buried.  

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Neat, thanks for posting.

Neat, thanks for posting.  I think I've seen snippets of the talk, but never the whole thing.


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Does anybody else think its

Does anybody else think its a bit ironic that a debate on intelligent design evolved ? (she really says that at the beginning, so epic)

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I often wonder


what it is about American culture that leads folks to spontaneously clap statements deemed to be "sacred" in a speech or in church. Take "democracy works" in this speech for instance.

There were other examples here. What causes that? Is it intended by the speaker who adds those little phrases to garner audience involvement or does it interrupt them?

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Well, I only have limited

Well, I only have limited experience with public speaking.  However, I have experienced the same thing.  No matter how many times you rehearse in the mirror, once you are on the wrong side of the podium, all of your notes become the skeletal outline for what is really going to come out.  Thus, you had better know the topic quite well.


That is probably why people go that route.

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