A new Tim Minchin song about the pope

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A new Tim Minchin song about the pope

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Childish Genius

Yet genius nonetheless. I love the song, and as a fellow ginger, I love his song "Taboo". This is a great one too.

"This may shock you, but not everything in the bible is true." The only true statement ever to be uttered by Jean Chauvinism, sociopathic emotional terrorist.
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Damn, I can just sooo-o-o

Damn, I can just sooo-o-o identify with all those sentiments, in both videos!

Is there something about us 'gingers'? Does us both being from Australia have anything to do with it?


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Just because the Catholic Church, or Christianity for that matter, has always been a Johny come lately on social issues, doesn't mean that a guy in a penis hat wasn't presuming innocence of the accused. How do you know he was protecting the club and his sky daddy? It doesn't have to be that he did the same as police in America with the "blue wall of silence". WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE POPE HERE FOLKS!

I mean it is not like he will die like other humans. He has an S on his chest and we owe our submission to him just like we do to Osama. Who gives a fuck about reality, when you fight for a super hero, the ends justifies the means.

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