Free Floating or Generalized Anxiety Disorder

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Free Floating or Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Does anyone have experience with these concepts? Do you think it is possible to experience physical symptoms of a panic attack (including uncontrolled trembling, "foggy mind", nausea, fainting), except without the feeling of anxiousness or so described "panic"? The victim of these intense spells seems to experience them out of the blue with no trigger. The victim is also a very depressed and worrisome female individual in a high stress job.

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time to visit the doctor

Stress could be the trigger, but she had better see a physician to rule out other causes.  If it is "only" stress, then my advice would be to rearrange her life.  Make time for exercise in the middle of the day, drop one or two projects, do more fun things, find another job, etc.

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