Bible "Prophecy"

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Bible "Prophecy"

Hey all, new member here, love the forum, seems like a great group of people here. Anyway, I was wondering about so called Bible "Prophecy" and how one would go about exposing the ridiculous nature of it to a believer, reason I ask is because I am related to an individual that believes we are living in the last days, and takes every opportunity available to let us heathens know about it, given the ambigious nature of the prophecy is it possible to disprove it? normally I wouldn't mind someone preaching this BS, but since it is a relative it is kind of personal and I know damn good and well that it is a veiled attempt to get me to go to church.

Any opinions or suggestions are very much appreciated.

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Ask for a date.  A real

Ask for a date.  A real date.  A definitive date.  And then tell him when this date comes around, you will look him up.  Be sure to put it in your calendar so you don't forget and then LOOK HIM UP.  "Hi, how's it going?  Is it the end of the world yet?"

If the date he gives is so far in the future you both should be dead, tell him.....pffffftttttt 

-- I feel so much better since I stopped trying to believe.

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Chris1911 wrote: Anyway, I

Chris1911 wrote:
Anyway, I was wondering about so called Bible "Prophecy" (...) it is a veiled attempt to get me to go to church.

It's actually quite a bit dumber than that. It's an attempt to blame every memorable man-made disaster and natural disaster on some invisible creature in the sky, invoke fear of said creature, and attempt to prostrate others before it's so-called "Grace".

An overtly obvious, well fabricated, and highly imperialistic lie, in other words.

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Never in the history of the


World has a religious prophecy been shown to be real yet millions of pea-brains have allowed their overwrought imaginations and inability to perceive the subjective nature of all thoughts and feelings to mislead them into believing utter bullshit.

Ask for definitive, repeatable evidence of a single prophecy. Remind this fellow that prophecy is the province of the uneducated folk of times long past - it's a thing inherited from cultures far older than the canaanites of whom jesus almost certainly wasn't one.

Finally, express the desire that the claims be true - the sooner the end cometh, the earlier you can stop listening to this clown's ridiculous assertions.

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