O'Reilly calls Dawkins "bitter".

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O'Reilly calls Dawkins "bitter".

That's rich coming from a man who buried a harassment case. Were you an alter boy O'Reilly?


Dawkins isn't claiming to be super human or perfect. Calling Dawkins bitter is like calling Galileo a "killjoy" for pointing out that the earth rotates around the sun.

He just doesn't suffer from tribal guilt indoctrination, like you.


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I believe Gallileo/Some

I believe Gallileo/Some Greek Wiseman I Can't Remember the Name Of also suggested the Earth wasn't the center of the universe.

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Q: What's the difference

Q: What's the difference between Bill O'Reilly and the Hindenburg?

A: One is a flaming Nazi gasbag...and the other is a zeppelin...


These political pontiffs use the same brilliant formula to get people talking about them as evngelists... they are *ALL* so blatently full of shit, that it infuriates anyone with any sensibility... But the buzz they generate will invariably get them followers... O'Reilly is the crotchety old curmudgeon who used to bring your ball into his house of it landed on his lawn ...