A Person in a world of People: Morality

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A Person in a world of People: Morality

Just came across this video about group dynamics and morality and it illustrates some important points about groups and morality


It's an hour long but well worth the watch











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Half way through so far:

Half way through so far:  Fascinating.  I love this stuff, I need to take some psych classes.


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If it's about "morality"...

then I don't care to watch it!

In fact, I'm thinking of starting a group called "Amoral Majority" at some point in the future!

“A meritocratic society is one in which inequalities of wealth and social position solely reflect the unequal distribution of merit or skills amongst human beings, or are based upon factors beyond human control, for example luck or chance. Such a society is socially just because individuals are judged not by their gender, the colour of their skin or their religion, but according to their talents and willingness to work, or on what Martin Luther King called 'the content of their character'. By extension, social equality is unjust because it treats unequal individuals equally.” "Political Ideologies" by Andrew Heywood (2003)