Heya all

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Heya all

I'm Antecessor, a dual Australian US citizen, I have a background in Anthropology (yes I know, a "soft"science). I am a "devout" Atheist LOLLOL.

I like to write anti-creationist articles on a user created content site called hubpages http://hubpages.com/_1wlw8xh0a8bxm/

One of my best articles outlines a way to combat the spread of creationist sites by adding no follow to urls that link to them from your content so as not to contribute to their google rating. (no follow tells google not to count the link) I know that many skeptics link to creationist sites to debunk them, but please remember to add "no follow" to the link. And tell everyone else you know to do this as well.


Another way to combat the spread of these sites is to google search terms like evolution, darwin, creation, then you will see that beside the organic search results (unpaid) there are paid search ads which the creationists pay for. Click on these ads and google charges the creationists for every click. Dont click on any ads inside a creationist site though, this gives the creationist money. Tell all your friends to do this too, I am trying to spread this around but am only one person, help me.

Obviously I hate creationism with a passion. LOL.



Creationists "hear no evidence" "see no evidence" "spout bible verses until the evidence goes away".

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Hi ante

fellow aussie/creation hater over here. Nice to meet you!

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                You'll find meny other Aussies and Kiwi's on site. btw that was great idea about dealing with creationist, i"ll give it a try.

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Everything makes more sense now that I've stopped believing.

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Welcome to the RSS forums from another newbie! Oh and thanks for the advice on how to work towards bankrupting Creanderthals! My lazy days are packed now.

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Antecessor wrote:   I'm

Antecessor wrote:


I'm Antecessor, a dual Australian US citizen, I have a background in Anthropology (yes I know, a "soft"science). I am a "devout" Atheist LOLLOL.


Well, welcome to the forums.


Personally, I am a psychiatric social worker, so your disclaimer about soft science, well...


Actually, as someone who has experience in anthropology, I want to ask you if you feel that you “believe in Darwinism”. I would imagine that not many people can lay a verifiable claim to having held the Lucy skull in their hands but you are a bit closer than most.


Really, even if you only have a BS, you must have had some contact with evidence for evolution, right?


There is a large chasm between believing and knowing. With your background, perhaps you have held actual proof in your hands. Whatever it was, that you have done, I would love to hear the story.


BTW: I was in DC over the weekend and I touched a piece of the moon (it is right neat the entrance to the Air and Space Museum).

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Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum.

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Tapey wrote:

Tapey wrote: