Atheist Bumper Sticker

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Atheist Bumper Sticker


Hello All,


I created an atheist bumper sticker a few months ago, and figured that you might be interested.

It is atheist knockoff of the Coexist ones and you can see it at


I've posted it in a few places online and it has been catching on all around the US and even in a

few countries overseas.

It would be kind of amazing to have an atheist bumper revolution of sorts, so I hope you all

will join me in this cause. 


Thanks alot


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I have photographic and

I have photographic and historical evidence that Stonehenge exists. Seriously dude, this isn't activism. You made a shitty bumper sticker, a shittier website, joined here just to pimp it and haven't posted since. Fuck you, you selfish, exploitative, pretentious little man.

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I could swear that I have

I could swear that I have seen this bumper sticker before sold on other websites.

I see nothing wrong with making a buck. Evolve Fish makes money off of blaspheming religion too.

HAVING SAID THAT, I don't think many websites, no matter their subject matter like being used for free adds without their permission.  For a first post this could be considered as rude by some.

I like the message of the bumper sticker, but probably not a good idea as a first post. It does look like you are merely hitting and running.

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 Hmm...As for point one...



As for point one... I used stonehenge as a symbol to represent ancient pagan religion, much as the other symbols are emblems of religion. Also, I needed an N.

2) I am not a web designer or a graphic designer by trade, and it actually took some effort for me to produce the sticker / makeshift website, I did it for fun.

3) I have not profited from these stickers, in fact the profit margin on a 3 dollar product, once you include paypal fees and shipping, often overseas is pretty laughable

for the time it takes to package them and ship them.

and just in general, "dude" yeah I came to an atheist website to promote an atheist bumper sticker, since you are such a successful activist and advocate of atheism

I know my efforts must look contemptible but a little respect please.