Why prayer?

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Why prayer?

On your knees you pray.
Did your answer arrive today?
Your head you bow your eyes you close,
Are you unafraid He'll think you dose?

How many prayers flow up every day?
Has anything changed in any way?
Children suffer in cancer and burn wards.
While you claim to be God’s stewards.

How many will flow up on the morrow?
When will “believers” all cease to sorrow?
You give your God omnipotence,
Yet call your suffering penitence.

What did you do to be in a bind?
Have you let your God overrule your mind?
Look around, there’s far more to life
Than creating your own suffering and strife.

You claim “Rapture” may come any day,
You say we must prepare in every way.
You swear we all must be ready for “it”,
You curse all who say “Who gives a shit”?

Two-thousand-years have come and gone,
You stand there quaking in every bone.
“To prepare a place” He said He’d go,
All I can say; He’s surely damned slow.