Possible Alternate Theories

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Possible Alternate Theories

Just curious what you think of this post:


All I ask is that you think before you respond. It would also be nice if you read what the men were saying.



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A complete

A complete mis-characterization of Darwinism and the position evolutionary biologists. Darwin gave us one piece of the puzzle explaining the origins of life. As science advances more of the details become clear.

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Neo-Darwinism?What does that


What does that mean exactly?  There is only the Theory of Evolution.  There is no Darwinism, or Mendelsonism, or human genomism.  It is all evolution.

And, as EXC pointed out, this doesn't exactly put any holes in the theory whatsoever. 

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This line says it all.



"...And in the end, science might be better off, for perhaps the field will take off the blinders and consider some alternate theories."


Right back at you, chum.


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Le Sigh

The Article wrote:

In the mid-nineteenth century Darwin assumed that all life might hail from an ultimate common ancestor in the form of a single-celled organism. From this origin all life gradually diversified into the biological world as we know it. . . . Schwabe believes that life is the result of chemical necessity. Whatever we think of this view, the point is this: the neo-Darwiniam paradigm readily assumes that life arose from nonliving chemicals but fails to realize that a purely chemical reaction yields outcomes on the molar scale (6.02 x 1023) not numerically one outcome. Schwabe admits that the number of origins is more likely in the millions than only one. The conclusion is clear; if the original chemcial environment was sufficient to produce life, it woud have produced a plethora of life not a single common ancestor


Er.... no.  Chemical reactions do not always produce results on the molar scale.  I've personally worked in the nano-molar scale (6.02x1014), while others have performed reactions using only a handful of molecules.


Also the assumption that we all have a common ancestor does not necessarily mean one individual.  It means one type of individual - big difference.  Anyone that thinks that "common ancestor" relates to one individual is, quite frankly, deluded.


EDIT:  I'll get back to you on McCarthy.

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Evolution does NOT assume

Evolution does NOT assume life originated in a single individual. We already know that wouldn't work, as they argue.

It would have been a progressive change in a bulk population of interacting molecules, where any molecules acquiring, through mutation, a more effective replication sequence would naturally tend to spread that sequence through the population.


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Quote:The Spring 2009 issue

The Spring 2009 issue of Christian Apologetics Journal carried an article by J. Thomas Bridges called "Intelligent Design: Its Nature, Limitations, And Future."


First off, if that is not the warning sign that much woo shall follow, then I don't know what is.


Schwabe believes that life is the result of chemical necessity.


OK, does that actually mean something? There are different contexts that can be assumed and each one provides a specific view. On the molar level, yes, everything must be treated as statistical. On the molecular level, I am reminded of the line from T. H. White: Everything not forbidden is compulsory (with the modification that everything that is unstable is disfavored when one takes the statistical view).


the neo-Darwiniam paradigm readily assumes that life arose from nonliving chemicals but fails to realize that a purely chemical reaction yields outcomes on the molar scale (6.02 x 1023) not numerically one outcome.


Again, context is all important. One can look at the molecular level and see individual molecules interacting. One may also look at the molar level and see quantities of substances interacting. As I said above, there are certain things that one could reasonably expect to observe.


I googled this guy and he has had a decent career, including a post doctoral position at the Harvard Medical School. So he really ought to know what is what. The only thing that I can see to explain his unique views is that he got his doctorate in 1965. So he is getting on in years. Either that, or he is working from a view similar to that of Behe and Dembski.

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