Kentucky school system

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Just an idea.




               What if they did what they claim their intention is, "To teach the bible as literature NOT religion"? The bible could be taught on an equal basis has  "Mother Goose",  "Grimm's Fairy tales",  "Aesop's Fables" etc.  We could get more atheists and skeptics from it.



               Yet I doubt if they can think that clearly.

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What was a mediocre news

What was a mediocre news story has turned out to be some good arguments for atheism in the comments section.

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Quote:Yet I doubt if they


Yet I doubt if they can think that clearly.


I highly doubt it will be taught as fiction. 

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Awesome! I was wondering

Awesome! I was wondering what would come next after Dover.


I would assume that the producers of Nova are already looking for the eventual documentary when this one fails as well.

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  if they could assure



if they could assure that the classes would be taught from a strictly higher criticism perspective, using the four-source theory, etc., by graduates from the religion program of a universally accredited secular institution with at least a master's, i would be all for it.   of course, being from kentucky, i know that, even if prejudices could be swept aside, our education system just hasn't got the resources to make such guarantees.


then again, even if they could, i would argue for a comparative religion course, perhaps using huston smith's the world's religions as a textbook, rather than a course in biblical studies.  that could actually do a world of good, and the teachers' qualifications wouldn't have to be so stringent.


btw, i love all the outraged comments about why the torah won't be taught as well.  it really speaks to american education in general that nobody knows the torah is IN the fucking bible.



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