Florida Woman arrested for shooting at Neighbors claims God told her to do it

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Florida Woman arrested for shooting at Neighbors claims God told her to do it

My state never ceases to amaze me for the crazies we have. I've personally seen a similar event from a man who tried to rip the doors off several retail stores including mine. He succeeded in ripping one off at a video store while yelling, "Let God into your life". My clerk held on to our door and she got bruises so he was charged with assault.

In the case of this Merritt Island woman, she thought she was God's messenger and attempted to shoot her neighbors.

See: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/os-gods-messenger-shooting-20100214,0,5735096.story



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Hate to say it, but better

Hate to say it, but better your state than mine for a change. Texas has shit like this all the time. Notice God spoke to her, not a pink elephant or a gnome in a flying tea cup.

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Better America than South

Better America than South Africa