*Psychology Research on Atheist Volunteerism*

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*Psychology Research on Atheist Volunteerism*

Hi everyone,

I am currently pursuing my doctorate in Psychology and would like to do my dissertation on volunteerism in an atheist population. My only problem is finding a large enough sample to study. I wanted to do a preliminary assessment of how many people would be willing to take part in the study before I get too far into it. It would involve you sending me your email address, me emailing you the surveys and consent forms, and you emailing me the completed surveys and consent forms back. All identifying information will be removed from the surveys before being entered and analyzed and of course no identifying information will be included in any publication of results. The consent form will outline your rights to privacy.

Unfortunately, I do not have much to offer in the way of compensation for taking part in the study (school is expensive!). However, I will hold a drawing in which four separate people will win $50 gift cards to the location of their choosing. Also, bettering the world's understanding of atheists and who they are as people may be compensation enough for those who do not win in the drawing : )

Once my dissertation is completed, I will share the results in this forum as well as email a copy of my dissertation to whomever is interested.

Please let me know if you would be interested in participating in such a study.

Many thanks,


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I'm always concerned that

I'm always concerned that things like these may attempt to present atheists in a negative light.  Many professionals have run into the same problem with interviews.

I'm not saying that's the case, but I'm always dubious about surveys and studies on "atheists"

Please provide more information about your research, what you are studying, what kinds of questions we should expect, and what your expectations are.


If possible, please also provide references (Your professor, who is familiar with your research, would probably be sufficient, in addition to any notable (verifiable) atheist in your area who knows you well enough to attest to your motives).  A forum administrator may be willing to follow up on your references to assure us; you'd probably get markedly more response that way.

I could follow up and refer you to atheists I know, but my samples of atheists are biased compared to the broader array on this forum.


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