Contemporary but timeless music

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Contemporary but timeless music

You see, it's all stuff that is heavily used in commercials and TV as background music, in some cases we grew up on it. But as an exception from mainstream, it's not shitty and repetitive, as all the commercial scene.
I'm almost sure that someone will start posting Elvis, The Beatles, and Michael Jackson. Or worse, Mozart and Beethoven. Mods, please delete that off-topic rubbish. This is not about personal preferences, this is something that you would give as a birthday gift to your newly found cousin that was just found awakened after 20 years of coma and amnesia at hospital. Or someone who was deaf since birth, and  miraculously.... eh, I mean, thanks to newly discovered medicinal technology regained perfect sense of hearing. This is what I mean, I sorted out cold-bloodedly some my personal favorites, and remained only those impersonal. And contemporary, if possible. If an extraterrestrial would visit you, what would you let play as an account of contemporary music? Certainly not baroque composers. It is about music, that will probably be probably considered timeless and classy several decades from now. 

I'm curious, you know? See, if Moby has one such a good album, does he have any other similarly good album? Or that tune I've been hearing for years, what is it? Everyone knows it and nobody knows the name.

- mainstream or mainstream compatible (nothing obscure or repulsive)
- yet unique and unforgettable
- no bad tracks at all!
- to listen means to fall in love!

Moby - Play
Mike Oldfield - The Songs of Distant Earth
Chemical Brothers - Come With Us
Kitaro - Kojiki
Anthony Philips - Slow Dance
Infected Mushroom - Converting Vegetarians (the Other side)

AIR - Moon Safari, but I don't like the whole album that much.

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You might like Jan Garbarek.

You might like Jan Garbarek.

Norwegian free-jazz saxophonist of international merit.

(I like a lot of different music, but it all has one thing in common: It was created by people who put passion into their art rather than speculating in what the commercial music market might want.)


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